Why Elixir Alerts?

Good question! We were not able to subscribe to alerts for ONLY the trains we usually take and couldn't find one. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions!

Are you affiliated with Metrolink?

NO. We are an IT solutions provider based in LA. Democratization of technology is our goal and this is part of it. Bleeding technology is our passion!

How much does it cost?

We don't charge you a penny! However, your mobile carrier may charge for SMS text. You can use your email if you prefer.

Can I get emails instead of text?

Sure. You can specify mobile number or email.

Why do you need my carrier with mobile number?

This is to send you SMS alert which requires carrier info (to create the email). You can specify email instead if you wish. In future release, with funding, we plan to subscribe to an SMS service to remove this need.

Any security concern?

We are using SSL and are not capturing any sensitive info like SSN, Name or Address.

Can I stop alert (Unsubscribe)?

You bet! Use the self service feature to unsubscribe anytime. Or, use the contact feature and let us know. We hope you will see the value and will not have to do this.

What if I take more than one train each way?

You spoke and we listened! Use the newly added Add line feature.

Where can I send my comments/feedback?

Use the contact option to send us your feedback and suggestions. We take every inquiry seriously.

Can I modify my profile?

Yes. You can change mobile number, email, profile name and train numbers. Let us know if you need to modify station.

What if my mobile number or email has changed?

Use modify feature.

How often are you getting the tweets from Metrolink?

We are getting every 15 minutes during morning and evening. Will do more often if there is a demand.

How about weekends?

Currently we are not alerting on weekends. May change if there is a demand.

How accurate is your schedule?

We will try to keep it updated as Metrolink changes their schedule. Don't use our app as a substitute for Metrolink schedule. This is for alert only.

Why are you doing this?

ElixirAddons has been providing charity IT services for many years using the new trends in technology. That said, we are looking for commercialization to raise funds to add more features to make this tool more appealing to the public!

Any funding?

Not yet. We hope we get some in future so that we can add more features including an SMS service provider to alert. This way we will not need your carrier info! Great question!