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Next Council Meeting Thursday, 03/28/19 7PM. Pending items assigned to city staff during past council meetings!

2/23/17 - Action Items

Deferred consideration of a City website redesign to the budget study session scheduled for April 27, 2017.

3/20/17 - Action Items

Received and filed a report regarding the review and consideration of the response from the request for proposals for the operation and management of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

5/17/17 - Action Items

Directed staff to provide a report to the City Council regarding the costs/benefits for contracting certain City services versus hiring City staff, including tree-trimming/reforestation/maintenance services

6/19/17 - Action Items

Directed staff to prepare a letter requesting the ABC Unified School District Board consider sharing funding for the City's crossing guards

7/27/17 - Action Items

Directed staff to provide a report on the feasibility (costs, legal issues, quality of video) of attaching safety apparatus, such as cameras, to City street light poles located near the entrances and exits to Cerritos residential neighborhoods

The feasibility of installing "Not a Through Street" signs on the corners of cul-de-sac streets, to publicly announce to all street vehicular visitors that these streets do not have exits

8/10/17 - Action Items

Directed staff to bring a report to Council on the development (defining what a reforestation plan is, scope and cost) of a reforestation plan for pine trees located on residential parkways.

Misc - Action Items

Repeat CCPA Economic impact Study done in 2001 (2016 Nov)

Replace VPS lights by LED - Arterial street demo Completed Dec-Jan. Residential street demo in 2018 Q1. Survey results Pending.

Misc - Action Items from Residents

Get Young Energetic City Manager!

Fix sidewalks

Remove Pine Trees

Fix potholes on Streets!

Take measures to end CCPA losing Millions!

Magnolia Power plant - review

Contract awards - investigate ONE bid awards!

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